All I need are these shoes, and that’s all I need…

 Fri. 9/3: Last night hubby took me to Phidippides to get my shoes. I was so stoked because I had been waiting for days to get them. Unfortunately, it was a very bad idea to leave at 5:40pm to get there. The store is located in Sandy Springs, which is normally a 35-40 minute drive. Well, add some Atlanta traffic and it wasn’t until almost 6:45pm when we finally arrived. With only 15 minutes to go, I raced in the door to find my shoes. The guy who helped me was pleasant enough, but I could tell he was ready to get me in some shoes and get me outta there quick since the store was getting ready to close. Still not deterred by his hurried attitude, I tried to make some conversation and let him proudly know I was preparing to run my first marathon at age 40. He seemed less than enthused and didn’t ask me any questions in return. Boy, I felt the wind taken out of my sails! I had been so excited to go to that store, not only because of the referrals, but also because of the so-called expertise I was going to receive with my shoe fitting. Now maybe I was just expecting a little too much since the store was getting ready to close, but I really thought that the sales guy would have been a little more engaging since I was obviously very happy to be at that store looking for my new running shoes. What happened instead was a good fitting for a shoe without any explanation on why I needed the type of shoe he chose for me. The other thing that happened was that the electricity went out in the store! Apparently some road construction was going on in area and some kind of wire must have gotten cut because standing in the store without any lights on! Isn’t that just my luck?! So there I am jogging around in the store, feeling like a complete idiot, with no lights on except for the outside light coming from the door and windows trying to be fitted for shoes. What a nightmare! On the plus side, I did find out that I have been wearing a full shoe size too small for running! I have always worn an 8 ½” ever since I could remember, but apparently, when you buy a running shoe, they need to be larger than what you normally wear. I was politely told that I was lucky that I hadn’t already lost a toe nail. Nice… When it was all said and done, I purchased a pair of white and purple “Asics” that were in my opinion, a real bargain at just over $90. I really hated the look of the shoe, but out of the ones available in my size, they were the most comfortable. Still, I wasn’t a happy camper. I trudged out of the store at 7:01pm, very disappointed. Thankfully, after whining to my hubby about my less than stellar experience at the shoe store that I “had to go to,” he empathized with me enough to drive me to the New Balance Store at The Forum. Armed with a coupon I had in my purse (thank goodness I brought it “just in case”), I proceeded to walk in the store with my newly bought Asics in hand, and told the sales guy that I was looking to see if his shoes were a better fit for me than what I had just bought. The cool thing about the New Balance Store was that they have a machine that calibrates your foot so they can precisely tell what kind of shoe you need. The machine reading agreed with my Phidippides fit- I have neutral position feet with high arches, which are considered in the running world as “under-pronated” feet. From what I was told, most people have just the opposite so there were a lot less shoes to choose from for me and my feet. Unlucky me. I tried the three recommended pairs of shoes which ranged from $95 to $186. I was surprised to find that the mid-range one actually felt the best since they cost so much less. Mr. Salesguy also sold me on some insoles to go into my shoes that mold to my feet and help cushion me under my high arches. I also bought some socks since I have been running in cotton ones. Not smart for any kind of long runs where my feet will sweat. At the end of my little shopping spree, I spent a total of $185 and some change since I had a $20 off coupon. No bad… 

Today I actually wore my running shoes all day to break them in. At first I was loving the new insoles that I purchased to go in my shoes. For $60, I thought I’d have comfort without complaint. But, I must say, by the end of the day, my feet are kind of hurting and it’s mainly where my arches are. Coincidence? I am wondering how many days I need to break in my shoes or if I should even be wearing them when I am not running/jogging. Since I am so new to all of this, I am just not sure what to expect so I guess you can say, the jury is still out on the shoes and the insoles at this point. I am going to go for a jog this weekend and see how I feel afterwards.

 Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday, I ordered two pedometers. One of the perks for selling ad specialty items is that you can purchase “samples” from the manufacturers at net cost. I got one that clips onto my waist that keeps track of number of steps, and distance/miles and can even do a countdown for goals that you set. The other one I chose comes in a wearable pack that wraps around your waist. I forget what all it does, but I know it was pretty groovy too. I get them, I’ll share more about all of their features. 

I will close tonight’s blog with this quote “Don’t be afraid to take one large step because you can’t cross a chasm in two small leaps.” – Lloyd George

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