Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride- except the pizza on my butt!

Tues. 9/7: Bloated… Yes, that is how I am feeling this evening! I need to figure out how to get rid of this pooch tummy I have had for the past few months. It’s just totally bugging me. And the derriere is not much better. I can tell you, the running isn’t doing anything for either of those areas! But, you’d be proud of me. I broke my new running shoes in and I am happy report that I am really enjoying my pick on the New Balance shoes I bought. The insoles are much more comfortable now and I do think they will definitely help me on the longer runs, once I get to them. I ran twice over the weekend. Okay, who am I kidding?! I didn’t really run per se. It was more like a jog. I am not fast, but at least I am trying. I did five miles again on Sunday afternoon. And get this-  I went with my hubby’s cousin’s daughter who is 15 and guess what? I outran her and she is on her high school long distance track team! Yeah me! She had a slight injury on her knee (WHATEVER!) and was running with a knee orthotic, but still… I will take what little bit of credit I can on this one. I am more than twice her age and old mama here not only kept up, but gave her a run for her money. Yes, she had a bit of a handicap, but I have the age handicap so in my eyes, we were pretty evenly matched. (LOL)

On Monday, I jog/walked in my neighborhood for almost 45 minutes. If you know our neighborhood, then you know that’s pretty good, especially because I jogged up one of the biggest hills, which took some major effort. I wish I could run, but I start getting so darn winded that I feel like I am gasping for my last breath. Wheezing is not so fun. I am hoping that the more I do this, the better and faster I will get. It surely makes me feel old to get so out of breath so quickly. To me, it just shows how out of shape I really am.

This evening I hit the gym and did weights on my upper body. I have been really happy that I have not been too sore after all the work outs. Then my other thought is, maybe I am not pushing myself hard enough. Just how sore should I be afterwards? My goal for this week is to do 6 miles in one shot before the weekend is out. I would like to do it outside because the weather is so nice right now in the evening. Besides, the treadmill can be pretty boring.

Two excellent bits of news… I am officially registered for the BodyPlex sponsored 5k in Suwanee this weekend. The run starts at 8am, which I am not wild about. (Do they ever do night runs?!) Also, both of my new pedometers arrived in the mail today. Now I just need to figure out how they work. The one that clips to my waist is really cool. It not only counts steps, distance traveled and calories burned, but it also has a “Smart Timer” that starts and stops according to my movements and displays miles per hour and steps per minute. It even has an automatic scanning mode that switches from walking to running depending on my movements AND it can recall up to 7 days of activity! Is that awesome or what? The other one is not nearly as exciting, but it has a waist strap and came with a water bottle. All I need now is a good sports bra. Yeah, I had better get one of those soon…

I went to the website this evening (thank you Heather!) and found a wealth of tips and information on there. It’s like the ultimate site for outdoor sports, especially running. There is a huge list of running events in my area as well as all over the country. I have started thinking about a goal month to shoot for to run the marathon and I’d really love to do it before my 41st birthday in February. I have not decided which one to do, but it does need to be relatively close to where I live. I saw that Disney is having one in January 2011, but I am not sure I will be ready in time for that, plus I don’t know if  the hubby will be interested in going all the way there so I can do it. There is one in Atlanta in March 2011 and that seems more doable, but yikes, that run starts at 6AM. Are you kidding me??? I’ll have to seriously be praying about that! On the positive side, they give you over 24 hours to complete it so I could crawl to the finish line if I had to! I also found that Jeff Galloway (the one who wrote that marathon book I am reading) has LOTS of running events between now and then, so I just might be able to do some longer runs with other people. I have to admit, it sucks running alone. I have asked a few people who I know are also in training for various runs, but they have all turned me down so far. I’ll keep throwing it out there so if any of you know of anyone that might like to run with me, please give me a shout out.

You may have noticed, I have added a few new things to my blog page since the last time you may have read it. For one, I figured out how to change the picture at the top. I also added a running shoe “Gravitar” icon for my feed replies. And you may have noticed my new “Widgets.” Those are the nifty little boxes to the right of my blog. The top one is so you can add yourself to receive an automatic update to this blog. (Show me some love, will ya?!) And the one below that is even more important. It is a link to “Social Vibe.” What is that, you ask? Well, good question. Social Vibe allows the blogger (in this case, me) to choose a cause close to my heart that people who read my blog can help with. I chose one that has to do with organ donation because I know a very sweet, young lady who just received her second liver transplant and wouldn’t be alive today without it. Anywho, if you would kindly click on the link, you can find out more and how you can help get the word out about organ donations.

And tonight, I close with a quote from His Word: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

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2 Responses to Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride- except the pizza on my butt!

  1. LJ says:

    Run sista run!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheering you on even when I don’t blog. So very proud of you!!!! Yes, you will most certainly learn how to pee on the run….who the heck wants to stand in line for a porta-potty during the big race. Okay, enough digressing….sorry to hear about the Phidippides experience, Jeff Galloway would surely be disappointed. I know I am after encouraging you to go there….oops digressed again.

    Don’t be afraid to reward yourself after a week of hard work…whatever the reward. Just not too many 🙂

    MK is running a Marathon….I am your biggest fan!!!!

    • squirlygrl says:

      No worries on the Phiddipides… A couple of other people told me about how good that store was too. I really think I probably would have had a much better experience if i hadn’t gotten there right before closing.

      Thanks for inspiring me Lori!!!

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