Needing Some “Pep” For My Step…

Mon. 9/20: As you can see, I have taken the week off from blogging. Yes, I have been working out, but have not had time to do any updates and since nothing exciting happened this week, I figured I wouldn’t bore you with minor details. I’ll go over a quick recap so you can know what I’ve been doing for my training. On Monday Sept. 13th, I speed walked my neighborhood with a friend of mine for an hour. I think it was a pretty good work out because there are several hills and the incline on them are pretty fierce. I am not sure how many miles we did, but I would guess it was at least three, maybe four. On Tues. the 14th and Thurs. the 15th, I worked out at the gym and did some cross training on the bike with moving handles. I used the “muscle endurance” setting so I got an extra work-out with it. (Tues. I did approximately 40 minutes and on Thurs., I did 30 minutes.) Fast forward to this past Sunday night, Sept. 19th- I was bound and determined to do seven miles before the weekend was out. I am better at night while it is cooler out, but I have decided I am too chicken to run very far from my home by myself since I don’t have mace or a taser – yet. I had a friend and her friend agree to meet me at the top of my hill for the last three to four rounds of the circumference of one of the main roads that circles my street. It is one mile all the way around so my goal was to get seven of them in during one run. I headed out well before it was dark and started my run by myself. When I rounded the hill at the bottom, there was a car that was stopped and just sitting there idle. It was not in front of any houses. I tried not to think a whole lot about it, but I made a mental note because the car was a bit beat up and just looked a bit out of place in our neighborhood. I made sure to get a look at the people in the car and what the color and make of the car was. When I was about 15 ft away, the car took off and went around the loop, but did not leave the neighborhood. I kept jogging, but became a lot more aware of what was around me. On my second lap, I didn’t see the car again. Half way into my third round, the car appeared again. This time with hazard lights on, but again, idling towards the bottom of the same hill, but not in the same place that I had seen it the first time. I started getting a bit nervous because it just struck me as odd. This time, I also noticed that the trunk had a bungee cord keeping it closed. I decided to turn back around and run in the other direction for a few minutes and went ahead and dialed my hubby to tell him what I saw- just in case. He in turn told me to head home and wait until it was time for me to meet my friend and her friend and he also called the police- just in case. I may have been overly cautious, but despite us being in a very nice neighborhood, we have had home invasions as well as a confirmed “kidnapper’s car” seen casing our subdivision at the beginning of the summer. I feel my paranoia was warranted, but I admit, I really hate that this is the world we live in. The fact that I cannot even run in my own neighborhood at dusk/ dark without worry, really makes me mad! Now I am wondering how in the world am I going to get up to all the longer training runs without being in a running group. It may become my only option at this point because I can’t seem to find anyone to run with me after 6pm or on weekends. I already looked into the Team in Training Group which help the Leukemia / Lymphoms Society. They have different seasons they train in, but the next session doesn’t start in my area until November. The Jeff Galloway Group has a team that gets together that is not too far from here so I may check more into when rthey have their runs.

I have to confess, I am feeling a bit deflated this week. I am still plowing through, but I am getting discouraged. So- any encouragement you can throw my way would be appreciated! Prayers are always welcome as well.

I do hate to just cut this short, but yet another day has gone by without publishing this so I want to get this out or it may never get published!

Tonight, I leave you with this bit of food for thought: “The only thing achieved in life without effort is failure.” — Author Unknown

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