Squirly is as Squirly does…

I am so overdue for my update! UGH! Thank you for your patience. Time has a way of getting away from me sometimes…

Well, I ran my second 5k on Saturday, Oct. 2nd.  I did an X-Terra run which was mostly on running trails in woods with some gravel and pavement in between. It was a lot tougher than I expected- or maybe I was a lot less prepared than I needed to be…  My time was 34:22, which was almost a full 2 minutes slower than my first 5k. I ended up in last place for my “women’s age group”, although hubby said that there were several runners who came after me that obviously had to be older or younger than me. (Thanks for the encouragement honie. MUAH) I am just happy I didn’t come in last! I wasn’t used to the unevenness of the terrain so I think that was part of it. The other thing is, I am not much of a competitor, so even though I did my best, I will admit that I have not been eating as good as I should or training as hard as I could either. So maybe “my best” is kind of being considered as a “slacker” to some. After the race, I made hubby take us to Krispy Kreme as my reward. LOL… Awwww-, come on! Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound absolutely yummy! So, to recap… my second 5k was a bust, but I got a really cool long-sleeve moisture wicking shirt for running it AND I also got to have two, hot out of the shop, Krispy Kreme donuts. Not bad… This running gig just gets better and better. I met another runner at the donut shop and we exchanged numbers. I was so excited because I was like, “Yes, this lady is obviously as laid back about her running as I am.” I told her if she ever wanted someone to do long runs with to please let me know. I e-mailed her this week to see about getting together to run, but I haven’t heard back from her yet. I’ll keep you posted. I keep hope that God made fate happen at the donut shop so I could finally have a running partner. We’ll see I guess.

Tues. 10/5: I ran on the treadmill at the gym. I went 2.5 miles on incline 4 and went at a 4.5 speed on average. I did this for thirty minutes. That evening I walked the “hill of death” in my neighborhood with a couple of friends. We did two loops, which totaled two miles. The incline is great for endurance, but does nothing for my knees. Still, I did not feel sore after the 5k or doing the exercises on this day. Yeah me!

Wed. 10/6: I looped “the hill” three times. Still just walking, but at least I am building stamina for hills. No soreness felt and glad of that. Knees are getting a little stiff at times, but all in all, feeling good.

Thurs. 10/7: I jogged 4 miles with a friend. I was pretty proud of myself because I only took a few short walk breaks, and also because I was able to keep up with my friend and her dog who run much more often than I do. We ran on mostly flat road so that helped quite a bit.  I had to stop here and there because of my knees and because I never run without taking walk breaks. (Thank you Jeff Galloway) I have to say, I am feeling rather encouraged because I never had to take any pain medicine or use my Icy Hot.

This Sunday I am going to push to my next level of training. My friend and her dog are willing to do a ten mile run with me. (Thank you friend- you know who you are and I APPRECIATE you beyond measure!) It will be my longest run to date so I am a bit nervous about how I’ll do and how I am going to be feeling afterwards. But, it has been several weeks now and I should be to the point where running 10 miles is doable without injury. (I hope!)

I did something pretty spur of the moment the other day. Some of you will be thinking, “Is she just dumb or what?” The answer is “maybe.” I went ahead and signed up for a ½ marathon on the 24th of this month. Yes, I know it is risky, but I also know myself. I need to push myself now to see how far I can go because if I just keep plodding along, I will never be ready for Marathon Disney in January, 2011. I decided to just be like Nike and “just do it” so I can see if I can finish and how long it will take me. If I can finish, and IF I can do it in under 16 minutes per mile, I will qualify for Disney and I will sign up for the marathon. IF I can’t do it, then well… Well, I am just not ready to think I can’t yet, so those of you out there that think I am CRAZY- humor me okay? I really want to be able to do this and finish this marathon adventure by my 41st birthday in February. My runner friend who has done several marathons thinks I am nuts! They don’t call me “Squirly Girl” for nothing I guess!

I have been getting migraines for the two weeks and I have no idea why. Hubby was wondering if had anything to do with me running. I think not. I was wondering if it could be allergy related. Anyone out there with any ideas? I don’t want to start getting all worried that I have something really wrong with me so I just keep telling myself in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, “It’s not a tumor.” For those of you out there who aren’t getting my joke, go watch the movie Kindergarten Cop.   😛

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you… Remember those cool and nifty pedometers I ordered? Well, I tried them both and guess what? They both suck! I was not a happy camper. Neither one of them kept the miles like they were supposed to. And the one that came with the pack that is supposed to hold a water bottle, well let me tell you what happened when I went running with it. The water bottle flew out of the holster twice! I ended up having to hold in my hand because the holster wouldn’t hold it. How retarded is that? There has to be one out there that works. A pedometer that is… I am thinking of one that wraps around the arm. Do any of you know of a brand you can recommend? The other thing I still need help with is music. Hubby has an Mp3 player that I can use, but I heard that they are not compatible with I-Tunes so I have no idea how to get music on it. I have a $50 I-Tunes gift certificate I can get from my credit card company because of points I have earned. I’d really like to use it for that so I don’t have to buy any with real money.  If any of you have an I-pod you’d be interested in parting with real cheap, please let me know.

Last little ditty before I get going for the night… I went to Target and found me a sports bra and a couple of running outfits. Oh yes, I be stylin’ now so watch out! This hoochie mama is looking hot while keeping “my girls” in place. LOL

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” — Author unknown


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