Triumph, Disappointment and Queasy Times

Sun. 10/17: Well hoo wee! Another week has come and gone. Have my two readers missed me? (LOL) Seriously, I must confess that when I first started blogging, I had rather grandiose thoughts of having a bunch of strangers read my words. But alas, I am still blessed, because I do have a few friends and family out there who care to see what I am up to and truly, I am touched. So first of all, I want to say “thank you” to you, because when I see my blogs stats and know that someone has taken time out of their busy life to read about mine, I am humbled and tickled at the same time. And it encourages me to continue, especially in the moments when I question why I am doing any of this in the first place. Yes, I do have my “negative” thoughts that I try not to let in my head, but they do get in there sometimes. Actually, they have been getting in there a lot lately. Then I have some juju bees and spice drops and get over it. (LOL)

I have decided, just so you know, that this is going to be just a weekly blog. No use trying to doing something more often than that, because a lot of my training is routine now- boring and uneventful, and so I’ll share highlights of that with some interesting tidbits in between.

When I last wrote, I mentioned that I was gearing up to run 10 miles with a friend and her dog on Sunday the 10th. Well, unfortunately, the friend and her dog fell through. An injury prevented her from going with me and I definitely did not want her to push it on my behalf. I had to make a tough choice. Do I go it alone and try? Or, do I just do the hills in my neighborhood and go as many loops as I could? Thankfully, my hubby is a real sweetheart and offered to take our son up to the park so I could run.  They stayed long enough for me to build enough confidence to run the rest on my own at the park alone. They didn’t run with me, but as I made my loops, they were there to cheer me on for the first four miles. We took separate cars, so I ran the rest after they left. I was spurred on by their encouragement and I was feeling so good as I completed each mile that I pushed on to continue to my goal of ten. I found a good rhythm and kept up the pace. I am not gonna lie, I did a lot of speed walking in between my jogging. I don’t think I can do any running without taking quick walk breaks. By the time I was done, I looked down at my watch, and to my amazement, I had run the ten miles in only one hour and 47 minutes!  I was a bit stunned! There is an acquaintance / neighborhood friend of mine that is training for the same ½ marathon in Augusta. A few weeks ago she had posted on her FB that she had just completed 10 miles in one hour and 45 minutes. I did the math and knew I would not be able to come close to her time because my mile average has been an 11-minute a mile. How in world could I have done ten miles in such good time? The question has plagued me all week. In fact, I’ve been questioning myself all week long. Did I have the time right? Did I calculate the number of loops on the running path correctly? But with each time that I passed the 1 mile mark, I wrote a line on a piece of paper so I could keep track. I had checked and re-checked my watch to verify my time. So, yeah me! I am not sure what happened, but I cranked it out. I really did it! I got home and iced my knees down for half an hour. Then I took a whirlpool soak in my tub with some Epsom salt, toweled off and slathered myself in Icy Hot. My knees were definitely feeling sore, especially my left knee. I took an Advil before bed, and okay, I had a glass of red wine too.   😛   By the way, I had taken a quick bathroom detour during my run and the pedometer I had attached to my waist (I wanted to try it out again to see if I could get it to work), went kerplunk into the toilet. Needless to say, it stopped working! I am letting it dry out to see if it will ever be useable again. Thought to myself? Why bother?!

I will try to recap the rest of the week as best as I can with my training. I am pretty sure I took Monday the 11th off. Knees were hurting. Enough said.

Tues. 10/12: I went running four miles again with my friend and her dog. I kept up the pace as best as I could, but I know I slowed them down a bit. And she was running with a bad ankle! Thankfully, they were gracious and kind and didn’t make me feel bad for slowing them down. When we reached the end of our run, I sped up the pace and at least finished big. Huff, puff, huff, puff…

I heard from my Krispy Kreme acquaintance! She e-mailed me today and we are in the process of learning more about one another and running routines. Not sure when we will run together, but at least the communication is open to do so in the future.

Wed. 10/13: I am pretty sure I took the day off again. Man, I should have written this down, huh?!

Thur. 10/14: I ran three miles with my friend and her dog. This time, she not only had an injured ankle, but also a broken toe. And get this- She and her dog kicked my butt running! My left knee locked up in beginning of the second mile and so I limped, walk / jogged along as best as I could, but I was feeling it pretty bad by the end. It was awful because they kept stopping so I could catch up. I felt like I was interrupting their run and I was intruding. Then I started in with the negative self talk. She probably thinks I am nuts for doing the half marathon next week. Am I kidding myself into thinking I can run that far? Look at me. Am I really training the way I should? Am I just setting myself up for failure? Despite my terrible run, after I picked up my son from pre-school, we went to the gym so he could have his little work-out. I did the elliptical bike for thirty minutes, but I only did the level seven setting this time. (Yes, I guess I am a glutton for punishment.) That night I was going to walk the hills in my neighborhood with some friends, but “the boy” started complaining about his stomach soon after we left the gym. The poor thing threw up for the rest of the day and into the night, plus hubby put his foot down and told me not to walk since I was already in pain and had already run and gone to the gym earlier. Looking back on it, I don’t know why I was going to go so hard that day. What was I thinking? Nevermind. I really don’t want to hear your answer. (LOL) On the positive, I made an appointment with my friend’s Chiropractor for Monday. I am hoping an adjustment will help get my knee back on track.

Fri. 10/15: I did not work out today. Instead, I caught the same bug my son had and it was not pretty. Right after dinner I puked my guts out and was sick, literally all night long. I won’t go into more detail, but suffice it to say, it was a very long and horrible night. Hubby decided to sleep in the spare room (very smart move on his part.) Thankfully, our boy showed no other signs of being sick and has been fine ever since.

Sat. 10/16: Well, my planned 10 mile run was a total bust. I stayed in bed for half of the day. I was still feeling a little queasy, but I finally made myself get up and get moving. I had some things I needed to do and once I got moving, I actually started feeling better.

Sun. 10/17: … Another week is already over. Ever the encourager (I am SO blessed), my wonderful hubby took time off from working so he could watch the boy and could I run. He knew I was really distraught that I did not get my run in yesterday. I took the boy to the park with me and I did the first two miles while pushing him in the jogging stroller. That was no small feat! Our son is 4 and at least 44 lbs. Who knows what the stroller weighed, but pushing it felt like ton. The boy was so excited he kept saying, “Go faster Mommy. I don’t mind.” Then he kept asking to get out of the stroller to run with me. It was so cute. Because of seeing me train and run the previous 5k’s, he is really interested in running a kid’s race now. Just having him with me for the first two laps was joy, but because of our continual start / stop to get him in and out of the stroller several times to “run” with me, I was getting tired and worn out rather quickly. Luckily, by the start of the third mile, hubby was there to meet us on the route so I handed over the boy and stroller and trudged my way back onto the path by myself. As I jogged the next laps I started getting pretty introspective. Since I still have no music to listen to, my head got filled with all kinds of thoughts, which kept me busy for the next several miles. I started thinking about all the blessings in my life- my hubby, my son, my health, the weather this day… Just thinking about such things overwhelmed me. I could and would like to go into more detail here, but the fact is, this blog is pretty long already so I’ll save my philosophical side for another time.

The last thing I wanted to tell you about this run was this: I finished my run at 10.8 miles. It took me a long time to do it. I had my son in a jogger stroller for the first two miles so I know that slowed me down quite a bit. My left knee was hurting too. On my third lap, when hubby got our son, I put on a knee strap to help my knee stay aligned. The biggest mistake I made was switching out my insoles. When I first bought my running shoes, I had purchased some expensive $60 inserts. I had been wearing them for every run, but had been thinking they weren’t making any difference. I had planned to return them so I bought some cheap ones at the grocery store and decided to run in them prior to taking the other ones back. Huge mistake! I have learned the hard way the difference between a good insole and bad one! The $60 ones from New Balance are definitely worth every penny, but I guess I never would have known that if I hadn’t done this little test. I could really feel the difference in my run. My feet were sloshing all over the place and I had no support on the soles of my feet. I would feel the impact with each step I took. Thankfully, I tried this before the 1/2 marathon! I just wished I had been smart enough to have tried it on a shorter run rather than on a longer one. My time on this last long run was a horrific 2 hours and fifteen minutes! Hubby helped me with the math and it is 12.5 minutes per mile. UGH! But, I don’t want to be too hard on myself since 1) I was just getting over being violently ill with a 24-hr. stomach bug.   2) I did run the first two miles with my son in his jogger stroller, which added who knows how many pounds   3) my knee was hurting pretty bad so I speed walked a LOT   4) The insoles definitely made a difference. I had NO idea that you do get what you pay for with them! Get some good insoles folks and use them.   5) I was still feeling sluggish from the previous night. Anywho, these are my excuses for my bad time.

I still have some many thoughts to share so maybe I’ll have to do one extra blog this week.

For now, I am going to close and leave you with thought that I snagged from a friend’s e-mail attachment this week- “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” – Winston Churchill

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