Disney or bust!!!

Fri. Jan. 7th: Just two more days until Disney! We are actually on the road as I write this. We are stopping off to stay the night at my mother in-law’s house so we can drop the boy off. We will journey the rest of the way there in the morning. Since Christmas eve, I have been pretty low-key with my running. On Tues. Jan. 4th, I ran 5k (3.2 miles) on my treadmill. I ran it in 30:34. Last night, Thurs. the 6th, I ran another 5k and finished in 29:24. Not that these times mean anything for the marathon, but I was happy that I was able to run that fast. And, because my back was killing me and my IT band was feeling tight, I did another ice bath. I did it for 10 straight minutes (I timed it on my watch) in my whirlpool tub. I felt numb when I got out of the tub and my legs and hands were shaking. Still, I was hurting…

I have been in pain all week with my back and neck. I think a lot of it is stress related. In a last ditch effort, I called the P/T to see if they could fit me in. Thankfully, they did and at 4pm today, I had my last visit with them before the big race. They put the electro-stem unit on my neck, and knee with a heating pad and the P/T was able to stretch me and even get my back to crack a little. He tried his best to knead out the knot in my back, but to no avail. He advised me to take an Alieve when I got home and then an Advil before bed. Maybe hubby will give me a little massage before we go to sleep?!

I have some exciting news. Some of my family is actually coming for the race! My uncle and his daughter are driving all the way from Tampa just to see me at the finish line. He even got my cousin and her boys to come so they can be there too!

So now the pressure is on… I MUST finish! My hubby and our friend, my uncle, his daughter, my cousin and her boys, plus all of you out there who signed up to track me online or via e-mail will be waiting to see me reach this goal. For me, this is college and the final exam. The finish line is going to be my graduation of sorts. This will be in lieu of the “BA” that I never got- The something I can look back on in life to say, “I DID IT.”

Because I also have time “goal” in my head, I have an added pressure on myself that I know may not be realistic at this point. I am not going to tell you what it is until after the race. If I don’t meet that goal, I will still be satisfied with finishing. I am looking at it like this: “If I meet my time goal as well, then I not only get my BA, but I’ll have obtained it “with honors.” LOL

My next blog won’t be until after the race.

Please pray for me during this most exciting time. Disney, here I come!

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. “  –Walt Disney

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