About Moi

I am 40 years young and married, and sometimes very harried. I have a son who’s four. Need I say more?! I’m doing this for me and to be in better health. I am seeking to change my life and make a difference in myself.



2 Responses to About Moi

  1. Julie Neithercut says:

    I found an article that listed several runs in the area over the next year or so and cut it out for you! Remind me to give it to you on Sunday! I hope your first run went well! You’re doing a great job!

  2. Ken says:

    I believe you will succeed…because you’re a decendent from Eve. Find that odd? Not if you believe in God! Kick some butt…kick some tail, this is no stinking fairytale. You will succeed this I know, so get off the couch and run till you hit mile four!

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