Needing Some “Pep” For My Step…

Mon. 9/20: As you can see, I have taken the week off from blogging. Yes, I have been working out, but have not had time to do any updates and since nothing exciting happened this week, I figured I wouldn’t bore you with minor details. I’ll go over a quick recap so you can know what I’ve been doing for my training. On Monday Sept. 13th, I speed walked my neighborhood with a friend of mine for an hour. I think it was a pretty good work out because there are several hills and the incline on them are pretty fierce. I am not sure how many miles we did, but I would guess it was at least three, maybe four. On Tues. the 14th and Thurs. the 15th, I worked out at the gym and did some cross training on the bike with moving handles. I used the “muscle endurance” setting so I got an extra work-out with it. (Tues. I did approximately 40 minutes and on Thurs., I did 30 minutes.) Fast forward to this past Sunday night, Sept. 19th- I was bound and determined to do seven miles before the weekend was out. I am better at night while it is cooler out, but I have decided I am too chicken to run very far from my home by myself since I don’t have mace or a taser – yet. I had a friend and her friend agree to meet me at the top of my hill for the last three to four rounds of the circumference of one of the main roads that circles my street. It is one mile all the way around so my goal was to get seven of them in during one run. I headed out well before it was dark and started my run by myself. When I rounded the hill at the bottom, there was a car that was stopped and just sitting there idle. It was not in front of any houses. I tried not to think a whole lot about it, but I made a mental note because the car was a bit beat up and just looked a bit out of place in our neighborhood. I made sure to get a look at the people in the car and what the color and make of the car was. When I was about 15 ft away, the car took off and went around the loop, but did not leave the neighborhood. I kept jogging, but became a lot more aware of what was around me. On my second lap, I didn’t see the car again. Half way into my third round, the car appeared again. This time with hazard lights on, but again, idling towards the bottom of the same hill, but not in the same place that I had seen it the first time. I started getting a bit nervous because it just struck me as odd. This time, I also noticed that the trunk had a bungee cord keeping it closed. I decided to turn back around and run in the other direction for a few minutes and went ahead and dialed my hubby to tell him what I saw- just in case. He in turn told me to head home and wait until it was time for me to meet my friend and her friend and he also called the police- just in case. I may have been overly cautious, but despite us being in a very nice neighborhood, we have had home invasions as well as a confirmed “kidnapper’s car” seen casing our subdivision at the beginning of the summer. I feel my paranoia was warranted, but I admit, I really hate that this is the world we live in. The fact that I cannot even run in my own neighborhood at dusk/ dark without worry, really makes me mad! Now I am wondering how in the world am I going to get up to all the longer training runs without being in a running group. It may become my only option at this point because I can’t seem to find anyone to run with me after 6pm or on weekends. I already looked into the Team in Training Group which help the Leukemia / Lymphoms Society. They have different seasons they train in, but the next session doesn’t start in my area until November. The Jeff Galloway Group has a team that gets together that is not too far from here so I may check more into when rthey have their runs.

I have to confess, I am feeling a bit deflated this week. I am still plowing through, but I am getting discouraged. So- any encouragement you can throw my way would be appreciated! Prayers are always welcome as well.

I do hate to just cut this short, but yet another day has gone by without publishing this so I want to get this out or it may never get published!

Tonight, I leave you with this bit of food for thought: “The only thing achieved in life without effort is failure.” — Author Unknown

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Eat my dust! (Or, was it the other way around?!)

Sat. 9/11: I did it! Wahhoooo! I ran and finished my first real 5k race. I was bringing up the rear with the last half of runners, but still, I DID IT! My time was 32:39, which is my fastest time yet. I am so very glad that many of you talked me into doing a 5k first. I really was planning on doing the 10k instead, but I listened to your advice and am very thankful that I didn’t decide to humiliate myself on my first run. It was harder than I thought and this race had some hills in it that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Luckily, I finished with no injuries and several hours later, I am still feeling fine.

Made one small mistake along the way- I didn’t want to run on an empty stomach so I glugged down a protein shake before leaving the house. Not a real smart thing to do, by the way! I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to eat carbs or protein beforehand and since I had no time to eat food, I decided to do the protein shake. Towards the end of the race, my side started cramping up so I had to do a lot more fast walking than jogging. Live and learn. After talking to a few people afterwards, I learned that you definitely eat a small amount of carbs prior, NOT protein!

If I can figure out how to get my camera phone photo onto my computer, I will upload a pic of me at the starting line. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my regular camera (I am so bummed about that) and hubby didn’t know that he had to hit a “save” button on my phone to keep the picture he took of me sprinting to the finish line. He said it was a really good one too. I guess I’ll just have to his word on that one. Next time, I’ll definitely be more prepared! I am going to keep my runner # and I have dated the back of it with my time so I can keep track. I am actually looking forward to doing another one soon. Am I getting the bug? Not sure about that, but I do know I am feeling pretty groovy in my new 5k t-shirt today.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” – Mark Twain

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Why does my back smell like Crest?

Fri. 9/9: Top this! I have a funny for you… Wed. night I went to go brush my teeth before bed. I grabbed my toothpaste out of the drawer and proceeded to put it on my toothbrush and scrub as usual. All of the sudden, my mouth started going numb. I went to rinse out my mouth because it was totally tasting awful. What was wrong here? Turns out I had stuck my Icy Hot in the same drawer as my toothpaste and well, yes, I accidentally brushed my teeth with it! I DO NOT recommend you try this yourself! (LOL) Luckily, I was able to rinse my mouth out pretty quickly and I didn’t get sick or anything. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself once I realized what I had done. To my defense, the tube was not facing with the label in the front so really did look like my toothpaste. So now my back smells like Crest and my mouth is sore no more- ha ha.

Last night I completed my goal for the week. I did 6 miles in one run! It took me 1 hr. and 20 minutes so yes, I am very slow. I jog / walked because I could not do the whole thing without slowing down. I was very winded. The Jeff Galloway “way” is to do the walk/run anyway. I’ll explain more later, but since I am short on time this evening, I will move on…

This afternoon I went and picked up my racing packet. It came with a t-shirt and some little goodies. I am runner #367. I’m not sure if that means there are at least 367 people running this 5k or if it is just a random #. All I know is that they told me that I should get there by 7:30am (YUK!) for the 8am start.  It is pretty exciting since I have never done this before. In fact, I have never been involved in any type of  sports ever, so this is all new to me. It’s kind of cool to be a part of something that so many others are doing. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and am glad I am not feeling achy after my run yesterday. That was the one thing I was most concerned about- waking up in pain. I am hoping that because I will be “competing” with others, that it will motivate me to run faster than I ever have on my own. I am glad I decided to do the 5k first instead of a 10k run. It will give me a good idea of what to expect on future runs. I plan on doing another 5k and at least one 10k and ½ marathon before going full throttle with the marathon.

It’s late, so I guess I had better close out for the evening. It’s an early start tomorrow and I need to get to bed. I have got to check to see if there are ever any night runs because early AM and me do not mix!)

Here’s my quote for today- “In running, it doesn’t matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, ‘I have finished.’ There is a lot of satisfaction in that.” -Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder

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Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride- except the pizza on my butt!

Tues. 9/7: Bloated… Yes, that is how I am feeling this evening! I need to figure out how to get rid of this pooch tummy I have had for the past few months. It’s just totally bugging me. And the derriere is not much better. I can tell you, the running isn’t doing anything for either of those areas! But, you’d be proud of me. I broke my new running shoes in and I am happy report that I am really enjoying my pick on the New Balance shoes I bought. The insoles are much more comfortable now and I do think they will definitely help me on the longer runs, once I get to them. I ran twice over the weekend. Okay, who am I kidding?! I didn’t really run per se. It was more like a jog. I am not fast, but at least I am trying. I did five miles again on Sunday afternoon. And get this-  I went with my hubby’s cousin’s daughter who is 15 and guess what? I outran her and she is on her high school long distance track team! Yeah me! She had a slight injury on her knee (WHATEVER!) and was running with a knee orthotic, but still… I will take what little bit of credit I can on this one. I am more than twice her age and old mama here not only kept up, but gave her a run for her money. Yes, she had a bit of a handicap, but I have the age handicap so in my eyes, we were pretty evenly matched. (LOL)

On Monday, I jog/walked in my neighborhood for almost 45 minutes. If you know our neighborhood, then you know that’s pretty good, especially because I jogged up one of the biggest hills, which took some major effort. I wish I could run, but I start getting so darn winded that I feel like I am gasping for my last breath. Wheezing is not so fun. I am hoping that the more I do this, the better and faster I will get. It surely makes me feel old to get so out of breath so quickly. To me, it just shows how out of shape I really am.

This evening I hit the gym and did weights on my upper body. I have been really happy that I have not been too sore after all the work outs. Then my other thought is, maybe I am not pushing myself hard enough. Just how sore should I be afterwards? My goal for this week is to do 6 miles in one shot before the weekend is out. I would like to do it outside because the weather is so nice right now in the evening. Besides, the treadmill can be pretty boring.

Two excellent bits of news… I am officially registered for the BodyPlex sponsored 5k in Suwanee this weekend. The run starts at 8am, which I am not wild about. (Do they ever do night runs?!) Also, both of my new pedometers arrived in the mail today. Now I just need to figure out how they work. The one that clips to my waist is really cool. It not only counts steps, distance traveled and calories burned, but it also has a “Smart Timer” that starts and stops according to my movements and displays miles per hour and steps per minute. It even has an automatic scanning mode that switches from walking to running depending on my movements AND it can recall up to 7 days of activity! Is that awesome or what? The other one is not nearly as exciting, but it has a waist strap and came with a water bottle. All I need now is a good sports bra. Yeah, I had better get one of those soon…

I went to the website this evening (thank you Heather!) and found a wealth of tips and information on there. It’s like the ultimate site for outdoor sports, especially running. There is a huge list of running events in my area as well as all over the country. I have started thinking about a goal month to shoot for to run the marathon and I’d really love to do it before my 41st birthday in February. I have not decided which one to do, but it does need to be relatively close to where I live. I saw that Disney is having one in January 2011, but I am not sure I will be ready in time for that, plus I don’t know if  the hubby will be interested in going all the way there so I can do it. There is one in Atlanta in March 2011 and that seems more doable, but yikes, that run starts at 6AM. Are you kidding me??? I’ll have to seriously be praying about that! On the positive side, they give you over 24 hours to complete it so I could crawl to the finish line if I had to! I also found that Jeff Galloway (the one who wrote that marathon book I am reading) has LOTS of running events between now and then, so I just might be able to do some longer runs with other people. I have to admit, it sucks running alone. I have asked a few people who I know are also in training for various runs, but they have all turned me down so far. I’ll keep throwing it out there so if any of you know of anyone that might like to run with me, please give me a shout out.

You may have noticed, I have added a few new things to my blog page since the last time you may have read it. For one, I figured out how to change the picture at the top. I also added a running shoe “Gravitar” icon for my feed replies. And you may have noticed my new “Widgets.” Those are the nifty little boxes to the right of my blog. The top one is so you can add yourself to receive an automatic update to this blog. (Show me some love, will ya?!) And the one below that is even more important. It is a link to “Social Vibe.” What is that, you ask? Well, good question. Social Vibe allows the blogger (in this case, me) to choose a cause close to my heart that people who read my blog can help with. I chose one that has to do with organ donation because I know a very sweet, young lady who just received her second liver transplant and wouldn’t be alive today without it. Anywho, if you would kindly click on the link, you can find out more and how you can help get the word out about organ donations.

And tonight, I close with a quote from His Word: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

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All I need are these shoes, and that’s all I need…

 Fri. 9/3: Last night hubby took me to Phidippides to get my shoes. I was so stoked because I had been waiting for days to get them. Unfortunately, it was a very bad idea to leave at 5:40pm to get there. The store is located in Sandy Springs, which is normally a 35-40 minute drive. Well, add some Atlanta traffic and it wasn’t until almost 6:45pm when we finally arrived. With only 15 minutes to go, I raced in the door to find my shoes. The guy who helped me was pleasant enough, but I could tell he was ready to get me in some shoes and get me outta there quick since the store was getting ready to close. Still not deterred by his hurried attitude, I tried to make some conversation and let him proudly know I was preparing to run my first marathon at age 40. He seemed less than enthused and didn’t ask me any questions in return. Boy, I felt the wind taken out of my sails! I had been so excited to go to that store, not only because of the referrals, but also because of the so-called expertise I was going to receive with my shoe fitting. Now maybe I was just expecting a little too much since the store was getting ready to close, but I really thought that the sales guy would have been a little more engaging since I was obviously very happy to be at that store looking for my new running shoes. What happened instead was a good fitting for a shoe without any explanation on why I needed the type of shoe he chose for me. The other thing that happened was that the electricity went out in the store! Apparently some road construction was going on in area and some kind of wire must have gotten cut because standing in the store without any lights on! Isn’t that just my luck?! So there I am jogging around in the store, feeling like a complete idiot, with no lights on except for the outside light coming from the door and windows trying to be fitted for shoes. What a nightmare! On the plus side, I did find out that I have been wearing a full shoe size too small for running! I have always worn an 8 ½” ever since I could remember, but apparently, when you buy a running shoe, they need to be larger than what you normally wear. I was politely told that I was lucky that I hadn’t already lost a toe nail. Nice… When it was all said and done, I purchased a pair of white and purple “Asics” that were in my opinion, a real bargain at just over $90. I really hated the look of the shoe, but out of the ones available in my size, they were the most comfortable. Still, I wasn’t a happy camper. I trudged out of the store at 7:01pm, very disappointed. Thankfully, after whining to my hubby about my less than stellar experience at the shoe store that I “had to go to,” he empathized with me enough to drive me to the New Balance Store at The Forum. Armed with a coupon I had in my purse (thank goodness I brought it “just in case”), I proceeded to walk in the store with my newly bought Asics in hand, and told the sales guy that I was looking to see if his shoes were a better fit for me than what I had just bought. The cool thing about the New Balance Store was that they have a machine that calibrates your foot so they can precisely tell what kind of shoe you need. The machine reading agreed with my Phidippides fit- I have neutral position feet with high arches, which are considered in the running world as “under-pronated” feet. From what I was told, most people have just the opposite so there were a lot less shoes to choose from for me and my feet. Unlucky me. I tried the three recommended pairs of shoes which ranged from $95 to $186. I was surprised to find that the mid-range one actually felt the best since they cost so much less. Mr. Salesguy also sold me on some insoles to go into my shoes that mold to my feet and help cushion me under my high arches. I also bought some socks since I have been running in cotton ones. Not smart for any kind of long runs where my feet will sweat. At the end of my little shopping spree, I spent a total of $185 and some change since I had a $20 off coupon. No bad… 

Today I actually wore my running shoes all day to break them in. At first I was loving the new insoles that I purchased to go in my shoes. For $60, I thought I’d have comfort without complaint. But, I must say, by the end of the day, my feet are kind of hurting and it’s mainly where my arches are. Coincidence? I am wondering how many days I need to break in my shoes or if I should even be wearing them when I am not running/jogging. Since I am so new to all of this, I am just not sure what to expect so I guess you can say, the jury is still out on the shoes and the insoles at this point. I am going to go for a jog this weekend and see how I feel afterwards.

 Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday, I ordered two pedometers. One of the perks for selling ad specialty items is that you can purchase “samples” from the manufacturers at net cost. I got one that clips onto my waist that keeps track of number of steps, and distance/miles and can even do a countdown for goals that you set. The other one I chose comes in a wearable pack that wraps around your waist. I forget what all it does, but I know it was pretty groovy too. I get them, I’ll share more about all of their features. 

I will close tonight’s blog with this quote “Don’t be afraid to take one large step because you can’t cross a chasm in two small leaps.” – Lloyd George

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To Pee, or how to pee? That IS the question…

Wed. 9/1: Today was just one of those days that I thought would never end. You know, the kind where you just want to throw a dish on the ground and hear it crash and then watch it splatter in a million pieces just to make you feel better… We have been under a little bit of stress lately with work. We are keeping busy enough for sure, but the busyness is not turning into sales, which is pretty frusterating since we work so hard to get the ones we have. But anywho, I am going off on a tangent here and this blog is about training so I’ll shut up about work now. Thanks for letting me have my 30 second “vent.”

This evening hubby and I went to the Suwanee Greenway. He walked and I jogged. We went for half an hour- which was fine since my bladder was getting the best of me again. I am really serious… How does one pee (or for you southerner’s out there: “tee tee”) on a 26 miles run? SERIOUSLY?! Because I am really concerned about this! I think it is one of the biggest things I am worried about with this whole training thing.  I can just picture myself on the big day, armed in my Depends underwear so that I don’t have to stop in the middle of the race to jump in a bush! Nice visual, huh? My friend Lori, who has several marathons under her belt, told me that it won’t be as bad as I think and that you sweat a lot of fluid out. Yada, yada, yada… Tell that to my lima bean sized bladder after drinking a bottle of water!

I really need to get a good pedometer and quick. I have no idea how far I jogged today, but I am going to guess it was probably close to 2 ½ to 2 ¾ miles since I maintained at least the same pace I do on the treadmill and I did not take any walk breaks. Pounding the real pavement wasn’t so bad and I enjoyed being outside. I would say that I was glad for the company except since I was jogging I kept getting way ahead of honie pie so I was basically on my own. I was glad to have him behind me though because I am so paranoid about jogging/running in a park alone. You hear all those horror stories on the news and the last thing I want to be is one of those chicks that you hear about who got attacked by some freak or bitten by a rabid dog.

I go to get my shoes tomorrow and I have had more confirmations from other people that Phidippides is the place to go. I am really excited about the experience and can’t wait to share it. Maybe they can tell me what to do about the bladder thing too…

I have one little tiny confession to make. Tonight we ate at Mellow Mushroom, which I am sure overrode any of the jogging I did this evening. But man, it was worth it!

I want to thank those of you who are taking time out to read this and for the ones who even sent me some great links and advice. I promise I will take a look at all of it.

Until tomorrow… “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”  -Les Brown

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Does This Road Make My Butt Look Big?!

Hi everyone! This blog is about me running marathon. Or at least training for one… Why? Because it’s something I totally don’t know if I can do, but it’s also something that IF I can do it, then I will also realize how short I have been selling myself  all my life.

Now please bare with me here… This first blog will be pretty long since I am going to start from the beginning of my thought process of how I finally decided to train for a marathon. I promise that the daily blogs after this will be much shorter! Thanks in advance for your patience and for at least skimming through to get caught up to date.

Something happened when I turned 40 this year. For one, 10 extra lbs. of weight just gravitated and then adhered to my derriere and hips almost overnight. I kid you not! Another thing that happened is I started contemplating my life. Like most people who hit 40 and don’t realize how they got there so quick, I too, came to the realization that I am not getting any younger. Someday in the not too distant future, I am going to be 50. Okay, so it won’t happen for 10 more years, but still. It’s there. That number is hanging over my head like a flashing neon sign. “50, 50, 50”… So, I started thinking, “Just what have I done with my life? What have I actually accomplished? What can I be proud of?” And then my mind went blank. Crickets could be heard in the silence of my brain. Not a good thing when my life could be more than half over already. I did a little soul searching and tried to think of something I could do that I could look back on and go “Way to go, me! I DID that.”

I know it’s kind of silly, but I always wanted to go back to college to get a four year degree. But the older I get, and the more that life goes on, I feel in my heart that making that a reality is more than likely not going to happen for me. Too much time and money involved and for what? The job market stinks and besides, my husband and I already work for ourselves. I don’t need a piece of paper for that. (Thank goodness!) Okay, so what next? I have a friend who has run several marathons. And another who is not as athletic and she ran one as well. And I watch Biggest Loser and saw how all those people were able to run one. I started thinking to myself, “Why not me too?” And then the thoughts about it kept lingering and wouldn’t go away. I have been “thinking” about running a marathon for months now. Why decide to move off of the couch now you ask? Because I am not getting any younger and because it’s “now or never” is my answer.

I called my friend who had run several marathons and she gave me some really good pointers and told me she’d send me about a book on marathon training that she had found invaluable when she started out. She sent it to me and as soon as the book arrived, I dug deep to see how realistic this might all be for me. To be honest, I almost gave up before I even started. After reading some of the things in the book I kept thinking to myself, “I can’t do that!” But then a little voice kept coming back and saying, “If you don’t at least try, you will regret it.” The book is called “Marathon, by Jeff Galloway.” It is an EXCELLENT resource for anyone considering running a marathon. It really breaks everything down for you and gives you an outline to go by so that you can be fully trained within six months, even if you are not in the greatest shape or have never been a runner before. I have not started his method yet, but I plan to, especially to prepare for the longer runs.

Since I made up my mind to go for it, I decided I had better get some accountability in this venture. I know that if I don’t, I’ll never make this marathon thing a reality. And so, here I am creating this blog in the hopes that people will actually read it and help cheer me on to the finish line.

I began my “training” on Sunday Aug. 22nd. Now don’t laugh, but the first thing I did was go to the Kroger grocery store to scout out a good magazine for incentive. I was looking for something that showed some athletic bodies that I could goal set towards. I found a magazine called “Oxygen” that just so happened to have out their “Glutes Training for Women” issue. Uh yeah, that was enough incentive to make me get off of my butt! Looking at those women, especially the chick on the cover made me very motivated to do something more than just “think” about running a marathon. Okay, so the girl on the cover is probably young enough to be my daughter, but I can dream I can still have a body like that, can’t I?!

That afternoon, I hit the treadmill to see what I was capable of and to see just how long I could last without keeling over. My goal was 5 miles. I thought that if I could at least do that, then I had a chance at being able to train up to 26. I ended up at 4.8 miles jogging on level 4 with no walk breaks. Considering that I have never been a runner and have basically not worked out all summer long, I think I did pretty well. I didn’t time how long it took me because my treadmill was supposed to be keeping track. Unfortunately, I hit a button and it halted everything just short of me getting to the 5 mile mark. Boy was I ever MAD! I was so disappointed to get so close and not reach my goal… I was more determined than ever to finish. Since my four year old son was whining to get on the treadmill and do his run (he’s such a little big boy), by the time he got done playing around on it, I was too “over it” to get back on and finish. Besides that, I felt like my bladder was going to fall out! The thing most on my brain was how in the world to people pee when they are running 26 miles??? Well, I’ll let you know when I find out, because I can tell you right now, this girl ain’t gonna make it 26 miles without a bathroom break!

Mon. 8/27: Now I know I shouldn’t have done this, especially with me not being in shape and all, but I REALLY wanted to do 5 miles. The next day I got done with work and decided to try again. This time, I did not disappoint! I went 5.2 miles on the treadmill and it took me 1 hr. and 5 minutes! Can you give me a big Whooooohoooooo out there!? I was so stinking happy until about an hour and half later. Then my knees were killing me! I realized that although the mind was willing, my 40 yr. old body sure was every bit of 40. All I can say is thank goodness for a product called “Icy Hot.” I slathered it all over my knees and back and I felt much better. Found out that my husband’s cousins are thinking about doing a ½ marathon and I am excited that I may have someone to train with. They live a couple hours away from us, but it would be worth the drive to have someone to run with.

Tues. 8/24: I decided to weigh myself. Suffice it to say, I could stand to lose about 15 pounds. If I can do that while training, great, but I will tell you right now, I am not going to lose sleep over it. Goal number one is to finish a marathon. If some weight comes off because of the training, then of course, I’ll be happy. Since I worked out on the treadmill for two nights in a row, I decided to give my body a rest and I didn’t do any training on this day. Starting to think that I need to goal set on the runs so I can get consistent with them. I plan to work on that this weekend so I can have little goals to fulfill along the way.

Wed. 8/25: I went to the gym and worked my glutes! Armed with my incentive “Oxygen Magazine” pages, I tried to do every exercise that I could. I spent a little over an hour doing everything from weighted squats to dead presses, the Smith machine and lunges. By the time I left, I was pretty sore and quite sure that I had pushed my limit.

I took Thurs. and Friday off…

Sat. 8/28: Found out there is a 5k and 10k run coming up on Sept. 11th. Perfect! I am definitely going to sign up to do the 5k. After an afternoon of lazing all day at the pool with friends and eating non-stop snacks and crap, I decided to once again work-out. I got back on the treadmill and ran another 5 miles. This time, I ran on level 5 for much of the run, but had to take frequent walk / jog breaks on level 3 and 4. Since I had just finished eating a grilled hamburger and French fries dinner, and was really bloated, it took me an hour and 10 minutes to complete 5 miles. Note to self: Running is better on an empty stomach.

Sun. 8/29: Thank goodness for friends! I walked for an hour with a friend from my neighborhood. We live in a subdivision that has lots of big hills so this was a good work-out. By the time we were done, I still felt pretty good. Concerned about having a prolapsed bladder, and have a Dr. appt. on Tues. to confirm it. That will definitely slow down the training process!

Mon. 8/30: Took the night off. The bladder is really bothering me. My husband and I are without our child this week since he is at Mimi’s so we took advantage of the “time” and ran all over town doing errands and then went out to dinner. I had fish tacos and a salad so I at least kept it half healthy.

Tues. 8/31: So today catches me up to date on this blog. Went to the Dr. and thankfully, my bladder is intact, but she had a lab done to make sure no infection is going on. In the meantime, she suggested the AZO Standard until the results come back. I also have to go in for an ultrasound on Thurs. because she thinks I may have a cyst on my right ovary. I am hoping that is all it is. Maybe that could be accounting for my bloating?! I stopped off at the grocery store on the way home from the appt. and got myself some sushi. I figured that would be pretty healthy. I didn’t work out again today because after work we had grocery shopping to do and then we went out to dinner again. It’s a bad excuse, I know. It reminds me of the comedian James Gregory who joked that one of his relatives was planning on starting a diet the following day and then said, “I can’t start my diet tomorrow, we’re supposed to be eating at Cracker Barrel!”

I am feeling totally guilty for not having worked out tonight. Should have done something…

I am going to get a good pedometer and some running shoes this week. My marathon friend had recommended a certain running store called Phidippidies. I plan to check it out on Thurs. night. It is supposed to be a great store to get running shoes because they test your foot and how you run in your regular shoes and do all these things to see what kind of shoe you need. The store is owned by the person who wrote the marathon book I am reading and supposedly all the people who work there are runners. Am hoping to glean some good advice when I go there. I checked out their website and they have lots of affiliated running events. Wish I lived closer to that area. I am thinking that most of their runs are too far from me.

I have decided that each night when I end my blog, I will leave off with an encouraging quote. Tonight I leave you with this one: “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” –John Bingham, running speaker and writer

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